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Why Specify Porosity Inhibiting Admixtures (PIA’s)? (Article 802)

Why Specify Porosity Inhibiting Admixtures (PIA’s)

  • PIA inhibits and stops the redistribution of concrete moisture in slab-on-grade and elevated deck applications. Effectively, eliminating the main source and/or cause of interior flooring adhesive failures.
  • PIA incorporates a project specific five-point quality control program that consist of (1) project warranty registration, (2) reviewing and approving all concrete mix designs that require PIA, (3) daily ASTM D-5084 onsite permeability testing, (4) photo verification of a ASTM E-1745 Vapor Retarder properly installed via ASTM E-1643, and (5) confirmation of positive “bond test” to enhance project specific warranty.
  • PIA is recommended for inclusion in all buildings that are specified to have flooring systems adhered to concrete subfloors, projects with aggressive schedules, and projects with limited budgets for last minute change orders.
  • PIA’s are Permeability Reducing Admix for Hydrostatic Conditions (PRAH)

Porosity Inhibiting Technology holds multiple distinctions over traditional industry solutions for managing and mitigating the adverse effects of concrete moisture in Building Envelopes and Interior Flooring Systems.